BiFruitful, a company located in Lebanon, is committed to provide premium avocados year-round to three countries: Belgium, Kuwait, Lebanon; And looking to expand to new markets year after year.

We’re proud to grow, pack & Ship Lebanese premium avocados from our professional growers, to the distributors.

This subtropical fruit, needs a mild climate to thrive. This is exactly the Ecological and soil characteristics of Lebanese coastal areas which has witnessed

Lebanon has a history of avocado cultivation that dates back to 2012 when there was oversaturation of citrus fruits. This Country has witnessed a significant growth cultivation of Avocado production over the recent years, mainly in the south and in Akkar region, to become now the second avocado producer among the Arab countries

Lebanon now actually produces six of the most important and delicious varieties of avocado, each of which being unique in its color, shape and texture, with each variety mostly having a different harvesting time, which makes Lebanese avocados available almost all year round.